Thursday, September 30, 2010

You wanna know what I think?

I think i've walked up and down this hill more times than anyone who lives on it. I bet you a million dollars. I've gotten so used to the idea by the time i hit the farm, i brake out in dance the entire way up cause i've seen it all and i know how far is left. Secretly every time i pass that corner, i wonder if you will be there… i hope i get to see you again, i wonder if you live in that new house down the road……mmmmm maybe i won't be the only kid on this side of the island after all! :)
I swear to god i have the weirdest perceptions on things. I'm the kinda friend that'll do anything as long as it's with someone else, i will be up for anything you are up for, and I hope to god that one fucking day of my life I will find someone else who can find that same frame of mind. I ear to god i will not live a second believing it. I'm the kind that even if i'm sweating and fucking tired when i'm hiking up a trail in the middle of the woods, I WILL fucking brake out in dance when "heartless" by Kanye West, comes on. I fucking lived every fuckign day trying to make you people happy, and you treated me like shit. So fuck you, you don't deserve me.
And please, PLEASE for the love of mercy don't start following me just so you can read my blogs than talk to me about them when we have our own conversations. FUCK! that is not what these are meant for. I make this blog so i can talk about everything to myself. But to have some reconciliation that someone else out there is listening. So if anyone follows this blog and reads the things i write, do not come back to me and give me your opinions, cause i don't give a fuck, this blog is for me… NOT YOU!
Whenever i have to wash my shoes, they make this loud banging noise in the dryer, and the laundry room is by my neighbours pods, so every time i put them in, i feel bad… but then i remember how badly my shoes stank, and how badly i need them to walk in.

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