Thursday, September 30, 2010

You wanna know what I think?

I think i've walked up and down this hill more times than anyone who lives on it. I bet you a million dollars. I've gotten so used to the idea by the time i hit the farm, i brake out in dance the entire way up cause i've seen it all and i know how far is left. Secretly every time i pass that corner, i wonder if you will be there… i hope i get to see you again, i wonder if you live in that new house down the road……mmmmm maybe i won't be the only kid on this side of the island after all! :)
I swear to god i have the weirdest perceptions on things. I'm the kinda friend that'll do anything as long as it's with someone else, i will be up for anything you are up for, and I hope to god that one fucking day of my life I will find someone else who can find that same frame of mind. I ear to god i will not live a second believing it. I'm the kind that even if i'm sweating and fucking tired when i'm hiking up a trail in the middle of the woods, I WILL fucking brake out in dance when "heartless" by Kanye West, comes on. I fucking lived every fuckign day trying to make you people happy, and you treated me like shit. So fuck you, you don't deserve me.
And please, PLEASE for the love of mercy don't start following me just so you can read my blogs than talk to me about them when we have our own conversations. FUCK! that is not what these are meant for. I make this blog so i can talk about everything to myself. But to have some reconciliation that someone else out there is listening. So if anyone follows this blog and reads the things i write, do not come back to me and give me your opinions, cause i don't give a fuck, this blog is for me… NOT YOU!
Whenever i have to wash my shoes, they make this loud banging noise in the dryer, and the laundry room is by my neighbours pods, so every time i put them in, i feel bad… but then i remember how badly my shoes stank, and how badly i need them to walk in.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Pork Belly?"

I sit here and smell the butter of a croissant fresh with butter melted and jam spread. hughhh don't my cravings get the best of me…

"Can i trust you?" well if you'll start dealing details about the flight tickets then i can think about it! Don't get caught up in the past, stick to what we need form each other NOW! cause right now.. you're letting me down…

Boy! these English Paragraphs really got me in a pickle. I'm trying really hard to write about stuff that I WANT to write about, and sometimes that takes time, but hopefully i can do it tomorrow, with the last 10 dollars i have on my debit card and get myself a croissant and a rich creamy mocha. And spend all day by the ocean thinking up mysterious stories and big words to WOW you with, "english teacher".
So i'm basically out of school, and as i sign on to Facebook mid day and see that No one is online it makes me think of all the things teachers are crunching into your brains and all the friends you are laughing with. mean while i'm either sleeping in till noon, working, running, painting, and occasionally English. Yeah my Art class is still here, at home…. art 10 is boring.. BUT if everything goes well, and i;m still here next year, i will definitely consider doing art 11 in a school meat some bitchy girls and boys who wear cute clothes but are completely stupid. I wish i could meet someone, i mean other than say "hello" i wish someone would say what i want to hear for once. I mean, i not expecting it, but considering i'm the one always saying the most unheard of things, it gets tiresome talking to someone who doesn't have the same frame-of-mind. With all that said…..-> Boy, that i passed on the street, i swear to god we had a moment, and i swear to god the minute i passed you i wanted to run after you. You are a mystery and I know i'd love to get to know you… I hope i get to see you agaon… but it's been 2 weeks, all i can do is pray. … where did you come from? i swear you were a sign.

I fucking love fall, all the colourful leaves. THIS IS MY TIME OF THE YEAR BABY!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yorkshire Pudding

yeah… so i've been workign 8 hour shifts 4 dyas in a row… got pretty tired today from waking up so early. Especially when i clean all the dishes and have nothing better to do with my time then look like slacker. BUT COMMON i mean i think the salads i make there are the best. and i love the people i work with, and especially since they let me try everything.. hahhaha YUMMMY THINGS! mmmmm i can't wait till the next time i work.. this week though i'm gonna get a lot of English done. I'm thinking of going early to Rock salt to have some eggs and toast and work on some English! :) might be nice to sit and relax for a bit. Anyways i hope ya'll doing great-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey Shawn Vervoorst...

Hmmm. If only i could tell you what life was like before shit came to Earth… haha this was blog about a year ago… when life was getting shitty with the move n' all. I want you to look at these certain blogs, because they are about you and i know they'll make you smile. It's been two years… wow.
Well i'm not gonna copy and paste everything, but i really really encourage you to start at the beginning… CLICK HERE
P.S. it may not all be great, i may of only been 16/15 and self infatuated so don't take the bad stuff to heart, it all sounded ridiculous anyways

-Live on : )

Nothing to say, just listen

The Republic Tigers-"Buildings and Mountains"

P.S. finished my first English 12 assignment. HERE WE GO diploma course might just be my only rep. for a good school… wtf is this life? STRESS STRESS STRESS

P.S.S I got a job… $11.00/hr cleaning dishes and MAKING DESSERTS! fuck yeah… kinda

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roll your head daydream believer…

All i want to do is dance. I've come to this point where music shrills my spine and makes me move in ways i never knew possible. I go into another world. Music is my high. I just don't know ow to explain the way the song moves me literally. It's an outer body experience i cannot control… makes me love the world a little more each time my foot lifts. I know how to love again.. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Man is Happy when Man is Satisfied

I can safely say i'm in a rut- but maybe it's me that's caused this rut.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Cat-The Exorcist

So this week was very nice, i got to spend it with a dear friend who came to visit me. Everyone was so shocked he had come, but is it really something that is drastic, or is everyone stuck in their little holes with their planned out lives and cannot believe that someone would randomly buy a plane ticket somewhere he'd never been. Well it seems pretty normal to me, and i encourage it. We spent the first day lazing around still trying to get over the face that we can see each other in the flesh. We had a yummy yummy lunch at my ex-job cafe. Not weird at all, SS people are so lay'd back. We went to victoria, We had illegal wine at a fancy seafood cafe, and talked about "everything". this week was nice. We went camping and saw the Gay parade = warmed my heart. Hitched a ride in the back of a wagon truck full of dogs; and we noticed life.

Now i'm pooped and want to sleep for the rest of eternity. Goodnight.
p.s. I bought some new denim jeans for my ever so growing stumps i call legs :)