Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dark Dark Clouds of Sun.

Today has renewed myself. I may be sick as a dog, but everything has turned out very well. I have no idea why i deserve such good karma, but it has helped me see the "light". May everyone find peace today. May everyone look beyond this snowy day and look at it as a holiday we all needed. Take a sick day today, and forget what has gone wrong, make today your day to change. Download that song you wanted to last week, talk to that friend you haven't talked to in a long time. Remember the really good memories you had. Think of the past, but most importantly think of what you want your life to be, make yourself healthy again today. I believe the creator has given us this day to think of how we are living our lives right now. What we need to change, and what we need to do. So use this day to get things done, and be who you want to be. OVERCOME YOUR CHALLENGES AND BE HEALTHY!

I may not be who others see me as. And i know that. But think of everything i don't do to others. I don't get mad at you, when you talk behind my back. I laugh when you want me to. i give my opinion whether you want to hear it or not. And i never hold a grudge agaiinst anyone. So for all of you who have such big problems with me, just think of how much i do to make you guys not hate me. I am sincere, you just don't see it. I laugh, you just don't hear. And i care, you just never give me time to talk. So i'm asking you please to not hate me for who i am… because you don't know who that is yet. I may not like someone for good reasons, LIKE ME FOR THE FACT THAT I DON'T FAKE FRIENDSHIP!
you know i believe you guys are just scared of the truth, so you might as well hate the person that says it. that's fine. I don't like you guys because of that now…

I remember everything, all the good memories! and i miss them!
I LOOOOOVE YOU MOMMMMMAAA! AND EVERY NIGHT I WALK HOME FORM WORK I THINK OF YOU. SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GONE FOREVER! AND I TEAR UP BECAUSE WHEN THAT DAY COMES I DON'T KNOW HOW WORSE I WILL GET. You will always be that mom who is my best friend! And you have truly made me into the person am today! thank you for being the best mother in the world!!!! and i hope Mothers day you will think of all of us, and know that you succeeded in making the best children in the world, because of that i am thanking you soooo much for always being there. i love you more than you will EVER know! and i miss you dearly!

hug your mom's for me today, everyone. and show them how much you appreciate them. it may not be mother's day yet, but you will never need a day to show your momma how much you love them and miss them. appreciate their presence.

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