Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

I am moving back, and no one knows. I like that. I like that no one knows, because no one deserves to know, and i don't deserve the fake cries of "i'll miss you". No i'm too good for that, nobody ever saw that in me though. They think i'm mean when i try too hard to be nice. So for all you children that are in my class, and all the people that passed me in that fucking assembly, and for all the fucking people i KNEW, and for all the ones with bigger problems and all the people that run away when they someone they like better. I AM NOT ONE OF YOU, and i try too hard to be nice to you, i tried so hard that i am done trying, you can all die in you're materialistic lives of beer and meaningless conversations. CAUSE YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME. no you are not. For all those who have no souls, and all the teachers who hate there students, for all the hatred that high school involves i'm done. good bye, i wish i never went to Joes, and i wish i never met any of you.

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