Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Pork Belly?"

I sit here and smell the butter of a croissant fresh with butter melted and jam spread. hughhh don't my cravings get the best of me…

"Can i trust you?" well if you'll start dealing details about the flight tickets then i can think about it! Don't get caught up in the past, stick to what we need form each other NOW! cause right now.. you're letting me down…

Boy! these English Paragraphs really got me in a pickle. I'm trying really hard to write about stuff that I WANT to write about, and sometimes that takes time, but hopefully i can do it tomorrow, with the last 10 dollars i have on my debit card and get myself a croissant and a rich creamy mocha. And spend all day by the ocean thinking up mysterious stories and big words to WOW you with, "english teacher".
So i'm basically out of school, and as i sign on to Facebook mid day and see that No one is online it makes me think of all the things teachers are crunching into your brains and all the friends you are laughing with. mean while i'm either sleeping in till noon, working, running, painting, and occasionally English. Yeah my Art class is still here, at home…. art 10 is boring.. BUT if everything goes well, and i;m still here next year, i will definitely consider doing art 11 in a school meat some bitchy girls and boys who wear cute clothes but are completely stupid. I wish i could meet someone, i mean other than say "hello" i wish someone would say what i want to hear for once. I mean, i not expecting it, but considering i'm the one always saying the most unheard of things, it gets tiresome talking to someone who doesn't have the same frame-of-mind. With all that said…..-> Boy, that i passed on the street, i swear to god we had a moment, and i swear to god the minute i passed you i wanted to run after you. You are a mystery and I know i'd love to get to know you… I hope i get to see you agaon… but it's been 2 weeks, all i can do is pray. … where did you come from? i swear you were a sign.

I fucking love fall, all the colourful leaves. THIS IS MY TIME OF THE YEAR BABY!

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