Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Cat-The Exorcist

So this week was very nice, i got to spend it with a dear friend who came to visit me. Everyone was so shocked he had come, but is it really something that is drastic, or is everyone stuck in their little holes with their planned out lives and cannot believe that someone would randomly buy a plane ticket somewhere he'd never been. Well it seems pretty normal to me, and i encourage it. We spent the first day lazing around still trying to get over the face that we can see each other in the flesh. We had a yummy yummy lunch at my ex-job cafe. Not weird at all, SS people are so lay'd back. We went to victoria, We had illegal wine at a fancy seafood cafe, and talked about "everything". this week was nice. We went camping and saw the Gay parade = warmed my heart. Hitched a ride in the back of a wagon truck full of dogs; and we noticed life.

Now i'm pooped and want to sleep for the rest of eternity. Goodnight.
p.s. I bought some new denim jeans for my ever so growing stumps i call legs :)

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