Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why are the clouds pink?

You know whoever we become, what ever we do, how ever we do, where ever we go, what ever inspiration, what ever the day! WE WILL ALWAYS WONDER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE THINKING OF US! we will stop sometime in a day, and ponder what other people are seeing as they look at you. that's when you get self conscience. I'm saying it's normal, i'm saying you cant be completely confident with yourself. I'm plainly saying THINK ABOUT IT! don't feel like you are shrinking into a "pea", always come out of it stronger! that's what i'm saying, COME OUT OF IT STRONGER!

I cut all my hair off, because i need to stop thinking so much of what everybody is thinking and more about who i am. We all do. We can sit in a coffee shop and wonder what "category" you fall in to when somebody looks at you. Or we can think about what we are going to do after we leave the place, to make that day, THAT much better. We can think about our actions, and our words towards people rather what they are seeing. Because if you are as happy and interactive with someone's thoughts, then it surpasses what you looked like in the first place. FOCUS PEOPLE ON YOUR KINDNESS AND HUMBLE THOUGHTS. LOVE YOUR BODY AND LOVE YOURSELF!

I don't like having bad breath after coffee. You know a thought just came to me… We should act as if awe would by our selves. Don't hold back because people have thoughts of you. if they can 'hate' then you wouldn't be friends with them anyways. they are negative, and not worthy, they need to change. taste like baby poo… :/

i would make a youtube video, but is it worth the negative AND the positive comments?

Ipad is stupid, but inventive that's for sure!

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