Monday, January 25, 2010

Unconditional Love

Someone once asked me if i hated one of my parents, or just couldn't stand one of them. I replied with that i loved my parents, and even all the bullshit they say, i love too many things about them to hate them completely. But i can safely say that my dad is emotionally incompatible, and as much as i want to help him, and make him happier; he is too insanely angry about life and everything it withholds. Dad, i wish i could help you, but you died before you even got a chance.
I will live with you for a while, but the second i get a chance to move out, i will. I will never have anything to do with you, except to socialize with. Because i have learn't not to trust you, and to not believe in you.
I hate to say such harsh words, but it's how i feel, can't hide from that.

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