Monday, January 25, 2010

Bank account balances depress us no matter what

I realized that mothers give their lives to their children. Until i know what it feels like to have a child, i guess i will never understand. When you make all your pictures on the internet of your children, that's when you know they have given everything to these youth. WHERE HAVE "YOU" GONE AS A PERSON?! You may of had a child at 20, or 16, or 40, BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER END YOUR LIFE FOR THEM! Maybe i don't understand what a mother daughter/son relationship withholds. But there are some mothers who are so proud of their children, that their blogs are all about them, the profile pictures are them; frankly i want to commend you on your love for them, but i want to see you, and when your children grow up and get a blog, we will hear about them.

it is raining.

We hiked up Mt.Maxwell with my sister Katie, and my mom yesterday. In the rain.

i am going to cut my hair off. and get my nose pierced this week. Big week of 'letting go' i'd say.

I will be back to Edmonton in a week. Am i excited "no. Am i happy, "i'm not sure".

I think i have truly excepted myself and my body, at least i am starting to. And i love myself.

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