Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Why do we think that we need more of everything. that we need the best for everything. That everything needs to be such a high standard?

I start work tomorrow. I haven't been back in over a year. I'm really nervous. Really scared. Even though i've done the job before i'm anxious to see if i'll remember everything, or if i'll be a hot mess.
I'm hoping for the best, but i'm sort of expecting the worst.
It's one of those days… New people, new momentum, new lifestyle. I'm excited more than anything to be in the whole hustle and bustle though.

i did 6.4MILES today and my shin and ankle continues to hurt after my runs. Not during though… And it's more of a strain than a pain, which is why i feel comfortable running. I'm not running as much, ever since i injured my Achilles i took off about 5-4 days and then i started running every two days (which i'm doing now). It feels good to be running every two days because i feel it's enough recovery to give me a long run ever time.

I've realized recently that we, as people, are all different. If my body can withstand something that isn't normal to others, well so be it. I feel i can run even with a strained Achilles than what's the big hoopla?! It's my body i know now when to stop and when to continue. but i feel like i need to focus on what i can do and not focus on what forums say, or what the internet says… it's stupid really…
We can all endure different levels of pain in sports. We know our bodies, don't hold us back when we know in our hearts we can go!

Anyways, other than dog agility today and running like a mad-man, i've been splurging on my diet lately and i feel badly, but not too badly. I don't regret it. Anyway, goodnight and sweet dreams and lot's of luck for tomorrow, wherever you might be!

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