Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Martini wieners

You know i figured something out today, i mean i'm all worried about my 18th birthday, 'cause everybody usually has a really great time drinking n all. and as much as that would be fun. I have no one i truly want to see right now. I mean everyone has moved on… anyways, despite all my regular plans, i mean i was gonna go skiing with a couple friends, but seeing as how my friends really don't give  shit about anything these days, they'd rather smoke it up, or devote their teen years to their mom's. So i decided that when i turn 18 i'm gonna do something for me, something I can enjoy, something i know will make my 18th memorable and honourable. I want ot go to Australia and work there. i want to leave this place, this atmosphere. I want to enjoy myself, by myself and make a name for myself. I want to grow up and move on like everyone has done, only in a different way. I'm not completely sure if Australia will be my choice but iw ill leave some day, in March or April. i'd like it to be on my birthday, mostly 'cause i don't want to face all the "How's your 18th?" Bullshit. So here's too all you fuckers who never gave a shit. I'm leaving to a place where no one knows me, where I'm not near any of you, and not even close to snow. I want to make a name for myself. somewhere else. 'cause i know. that right now, where i am right now is just not the place i am meant to be. So spare me..

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