Thursday, October 21, 2010

harbour happiness

So I'm thinking about all the things i wish i could say to you guys, at work. Something to say that would sum up how grateful i am for everyone i've met ever since i started working there. Never thought i'd get a job on Salt Spring, it was always just the place to visit my mom when i was in the dumps. But ever since i left my home, Edmonton; left my friends who have grown apart and set off into the world, left my home i grew up in and have so many memories with, left everything. BI never knew what real pain felt like till my life turned upside down. Never knew how many bad things could happen with a couple drinks and bad choices. Never knew that insomnia was never good for my tears. Never thought we would of been eating dinner as a family with what furniture we had left. We used boxes for chairs and a table that replaced our big one. the one we used to use at Christmas when the whole family would come out. But we had used a small 2x2 square wooden one we got from my Dad. Eating soup and all thinking about how sad this all is. How sad the next day was going to be when we split up.
Anyways… I guess i'm just trying to find the words to express how i feel now, the words to express how many things i've learned ever since getting hired here, things that have helped me recover after all these months of, "misery".
I know none of you know me well enough, i mean it's only been like a month/half, you just knwo me as the "Quirky smirky" (i hat ethat by the way) that's besides the point. I haven't smiled this much in a long time, and i thank you so much. I realized this week, imean i learned something and i've grown a lot this week. It's picked me up an inch, and that one inch has given me all the hope in the world to grow a meter. So thakn you for being so nice, thank you for being so humble, so funny, and so memorable. thank you "front-desk-people" for being super duper nice and having conversations with me in the morning and when i leave.
thank you for accepting me you guys. I hope i stay for a while because i really like who I've become ever since. I haven't dared to go back to my dark times, and i'm really tirning my life around. history may come back again and again, But, it doesn't matter, i'm in a different province on an island meeting wonderful people. and about to begin a new confident life of my own.
This barely sums up how grateful i am for all of you, but i wish you truly knew…

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