Monday, August 9, 2010

Pastel Salad in the Winter Time

There is great need for a happier blog right now. looking back, i haven't given you guys much insight on to… how i'm doing i guess. Well i'm almost graduated, just need to do English 12 CHA CHING! But what i am planning on doing in the future is undeclared. I am taking Art 10 at the moment, planning on doing business 11 and all that shit. As far as schooling goes, i am doing art 10 and English 12 at home, and i am planning on doing Visual arts 11 +12 at the school here. I'm hoping that all goes smoothly, because i really need to get out. Besides all the freaking out and depressing mornings, things are looking out. Getting my bike fixed tomorrow, and then I can do some hot yoga in Victoria! whoooooo what else. oh yeah, did my BC drivers knowledge test. MIGHT I JUST SAY… EDMONTON HAS IT GOOOUD. here it's 50 questions, and 80% max. obviously i went into it a little unprepared. BIG WHOOP at least it's cheaper here. only 15 bucks and 10 bucks for the ID, beats 76!

I am currently and vigorously looking for a job. but the summer season has obviously been prepared for and nobody is hiring. BUMMMMMMMMM FUCK ME! it's stupid. i'm broke, bored and waiting for my hair to grow back. So as maybe some of you might find out, i made a Facebook account. I KNOW. Why the fuck would you do that? Well i have accomplished what i wanted to, and i am ready to come back, but depending on how many people care… might not be for long.

Ohhh, it's spider season here, and it's not just miniature spiders. Inch, Inch and a half long red creepy ass spiders. they are HUGE ASS things and they live in our windows. Not long before they crossed the boundaries and have been ending up in our BEDS@#$ fuck you know how much mentally, that messes you up. I fucking check my bed every night and keep a flashlight and insect killer beside me at all times. I was the first to spot them all. I have found two in my clothes, AS I WAS WEARING them, and two in my bed. yuck. anyways, my fear of spiders has left the door and i am official.

As you may or may not know, i have been eating raw for the past month n' half. Great.. nothing to say there anymore i guess. Has it been hot here? YES has the hottness ended? slightly. it rained for the first time.. twwwoo days? ago i think.

Anyways so there's and update, whoop de doo… ...

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