Monday, June 7, 2010


So it has come to my attention that either there people that read my blog, or rumours travel quickly. I'm surprised. I like that you kids are interested in my weird life of being Emily Larone. You know one thing i don't think anyone knows about me is that i absolutely adore the rain, i really do love it. people hate it. For me the rain means to replenish, and i realize now that every time it comes i need it.
Work has become… work. School has become stressful and family has become that happiest part of my life.
I'm hoping that when i go back to momma's i can experience that out doors more than i know, i'm planning on sleeping outside; maybe, depending if my brother consumes my room. I'm really excited. I really need to connect with what i love best, the souls of what is silent to us: nature.
I want to wake up every morning to either rain or sun, rinse my face with clean creek water then go for a hike in the wilderness and get lost. i want to find myself through nature, because people have not helped.
I love my mom, and i love my sister, i love my brother and i love my cat. I love that frog, and that big green slug. may you all be happy.

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