Tuesday, March 1, 2011

negative nancy

I wonder why you seemed shocked when i answered your question. I don't hate anyone, but i do get mad. there's a fine line. You hate a lot of people. And you've been really mad lately. You seem stressed. I think you're stressed. I hope you come out of this puddle very strongly.. and dry ;)

So enough about that, i'm over it. I had my interview for this trip to ghana. Aced it. 
One thing i don't like is that i still don't have a ticket for anywhere yet. As if i'm still not set on going anywhere. I feel disloyal to my job. But i had to quit eventually. I'll be back for sure. I liked working where i work. Everyone has such different personalities, and everyday was something new. I learn't so much fun stuff, and it will for sure help me in the future. Best staff ever!
ughuhhh, sigh. Last two weeks. Hopefully it warms up, i need to lse these love handles, and eat right. This job has been indulging, but i really cannot wait till i'm unemployed and free. 
yeah, yeah, yeah, i know… Everyone has to work for a living someday, you can't just get up and quite. I don't know, i guess i'm still young,  i'm kinda "allowed" to just live the easy life for the last bit i have left. 
Anyways, adfalfhalkfhlkfah

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