Sunday, February 6, 2011


One step at a time, i think everything takes one step at a time. Going to Australia is a big deal, and bigger deals have way more steps that need to be accomplished. Right now i need to focus on getting my license. i need to focus on this because right now it is the only thing that is holding me back, and it is the only thing that is making stressed out of my friggen mind. I may not be able to leave in April, and that is OK I will just go in July. It's better that way anyways, because i then get to enjoy summer here… and enjoy summer over there, and then i get to come back to the same weather i left with. All in all, maybe not getting my license right isn't such a bad thing, and in fact it is a sign. MAYBE or maybe my plans are just not working out because i did not plan this out right and NOTHING IS GOIGN AS PLAN. But it'll happen if not April, JULY. :) Live in the now, right? Live in the now…. 

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